Surat Lamaran Menjadi Menarik dengan 3 Contoh Cover Letter Bahasa Inggris Ini

Cover letter là gì? Trọn bộ 5 bước và chú ý khi viết thư xin việc

Dewasa ini, pengetahuan bahasa Inggris semakin digalakkan di dunia profesional. Kemahiran baik secara pasif dan lebih aktif dalam bahasa Inggris akan meningkatkan nilai jual seseorang di tempat kerja.

Selain itu, ada banyak perusahaan atau instansi yang menyiapkan aplikasi dalam bahasa Inggris sebagai salah satu persyaratan perekrutan. Sebelum Anda berurusan dengan contoh cover letter, Anda harus mempertimbangkan beberapa hal saat membuatnya.

  1. Contoh Cover Letter 1

Dumai, June 09, 2017

Attention To : Human Resources Department

ABC Indonesia



According to the announcement published on on July 1st, 2018, I found out that your company is looking for a FullStack developer. Based on the skills and experience listed below, I believe I am a strong candidate for this position.

Background in computer and software engineering, programming and development industries is familiar to me. I am a Computer Science graduate from University of Indonesia majoring in Information Systems. After graduating, I worked as a freelance developer for three years and as a software engineer for a XXX startup from 2015-2017.

I hope my experiences so far are fascinating enough. If you need more information please contact me on +62812xxx.

Thanks for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.



Albert Einstein


  1. Contoh Cover Letter 2

Jakarta, 3th June, 2018


Head Manager

Merah Putih Hotel




Dear Mr. XXX,

I am writing to express my interest in applying to be an Assistant Manager, which was announced on Bali Post on June 01, 2018. I completed my undergraduate degree in Business Administration at ABC University in 2014.

I am attaching my CV showing considerable experience I have for the position. I have more than 3 years experience as administrator in Oasis hotel. In addition, I have a strong background in management and business development. I also attended a certified accounting course program for three months to improve my skills.

I believe that the experience and skills I have can benefit your business. Thank you for your attention and consideration.

Best Regards,


Nichola Tesla


  1. Contoh Cover Letter 3

Pekanbaru, 20 Sept 2021


Menara YYY Lt. 3

Jl. ABC No. 2


Dear Mr. KKK,

According to the Jobstreet advertisement, I am very interested in applying as a reporter at XXX company. My name is Mileva Maric, I’m 23 years old. I graduated from ABC Universitas, Faculty of Communication, Majoring of Journalism with GPA 3.72.

I am confident, optimistic and able to fulfill the duties and responsibilities as a reporter at with the added value of my previous media experience as a journalist, used to working with others within the team from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, I am creative, honest, able to learn and disciplined. I’m also a person who can work individually and in a team under pressure and is open to ideas that can help achieve goals and improve the results for the company.

To supplement this application, I am attaching my CV with a current photo. I appreciate your attention and consideration.




Mileva Maric

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